5 Most Kick-Ass Moments From BATMAN: ASSAULT ON ARKHAM

HEY! Greetings, ladies and gentlenerds! Fanboys and fangirls! Literates and illiterates! It’s your old (and new) pal The Multi-Verse, here in BatCave B: my home away from home, if you will. I’m here to give you the top 5 moments from the latest installment from DCU’s Animated Originals!



1. The Opening Scene


From the very start of the film, I was hooked. When a SWAT team sent by Amanda Waller busts in on Riddler’s hideout, Batman (voiced by the great Kevin Conroy) proclaims “Riddler’s mine!” and takes them out one by one with such ease. Why does this stand out? Well, the animators and directors masterfully crafted it to look and feel like a scene straight out of the video game. From Batman’s use of flash bombs and Batarangs to his signiture stealth take downs, it was truly a sight. I felt like I was watching the game.

2. The Squad Montage


When Amanda Waller initiates “Task Force X” and calls for a suicide mission, we are treated to a montage of our “protagonists” of the film that reminded me of something out of “Oceans Eleven.” We’re introduced to our “Squad”: Killer Fost, Black Spider, KGBeast, King Shark, Captain Bommerang, Deadshot and Harley Quinn. The best part is Harley’s scene. While in a special “home” for women, Harley is inside watching a cartoon on her smartphone. The administrator then takes the device away from Harley. Next thing we see is the administrator running out of the room holding the side of her face. Then Harley spits out the lady’s ear and laughs at her cartoons! (Awe! Don’t you just love her!)

The Asylum Break-In


We already know they make it inside., but the tension of whether or not they break in quietly is a whole other thing. Harley is their ticket inside. Accompanied by Deadshot (disguised as a GCPD officer) the plan is to plant a device on a control panel that would give everyone else the means to get inside discretly. A slight snag happens when Harley meets up with The Joker! Not happy that Joker ditched her on thier last job (by means of kicking her out of a moving car) she grabs Deadshot’s gun and tries to kill him. Never kick a girl out of a moving car… she’ll try to shoot you even if you’re behind a bulletproof cell!



Quite possibly the funniest moment in the film. comes when (SPOILER ALERT) Joker picks up Black Spiders blown off head and exclaims “Denzel?! What have they done to you!??” and then laughs hysterically. Troy Baker voiced the Joker in “Arkham Origins” and reprises the role for the film, and I must say, he was a true delight.



At the risk of sounding like some ass-wipe who couldn’t think of another moment to cap off his list, I’m going to say the whole film was one great moment! “Assault On Arkham” was a tremendous step up from DCU Animation’s last two offerings, (“Justice League: War” and “Son of Batman, respectively) The plot, the voice talent, the anime-style animation, everything about this film was awesome and well put together! It’s said that the upcoming “Arkham Knight” game will be the final installment in the “Arkham” franchise, but I think this world could find new life in the field of animation, whether it be a feature length film or a weekly cartoon series. Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block would be a great fit because the film itself had some serious adult themes in it. Hopefully this film will not be the last Arkham themed feature.

Well, I think I’ve rambled on long enough for my first time here. I hope you’ve enjoyed my list. If you think it sucked, please fell free to let me know in the comments section below! You can also curse me out on twitter @GonzoNeo and check out my blog InsideTheMultiverse…was that a shameless plug?! Yes. Yes it was.. suck on it!

So, until next time, folks…peace out!