Summer of Anime 7/19/14

Here we are in the second week of the summer 2014 anime season folks and the hits keep on coming. Tatsumi goes on his first mission with Night Raid in “Akame Ga Kill”, the Martians commence their attack in “Aldnoah.Zero”, The bullets start flying in “Sword Art Online II”, Kaneki starts to feel the hunger in “Tokyo Ghoul”, Tokimune and his comrades mount an escape in “Argevollen”, We also have the premieres of “Ga-Rei” successor “Tokyo ESP” and one of the most anticipated anime of the season “Terror in Resonance”. Let’s get started.

Aldnoah.Zero – “Beyond the Horizon”

AZ 2.1

The second outing of Aldnoah.Zero expands on the set up of the pilot by showing us the power of the Martians and what lengths Earth will have to go to protect itself. With all of the world burning around them, it will be interesting to see how the Terrans can counterattack.

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Akame Ga Kill – “Kill the Authority”

AGK 2.5

The second episode of Akame Ga Kill is a more comfortable ride than the first, easing into the violence (which isn’t as prominent as the first episode). We get a good look at Night Raid, as well as how Tatsumi into the group as the show progresses.

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Argevollen – “Awakening”

Argevollen 2.4

Just like the first episode, Argevollen really doesn’t do anything to stand out from the crowd. There are sprinkles of good ideas here and there, too bad this “Awakening” will put you right back to sleep.

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Sword Art Online II – “Ice Sniper”

SAO II 2.1

“Ice Sniper” does a great job of introducing us to the secondary protagonist of the series. With it’s still impressive fight scenes and good pacing, SAO II continues to stay on track. What interaction Sinon will have with Kirito is unknown at this point, but it looks to be a promising one thus far.

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Terror in Resonance – “Falling”


“Falling” is surely an apt title for the first episode of what is shaping up to be a summer hit. With it’s sharp yet haunting visuals and score, Terror in Resonance makes it’s presence felt with this first episode. There are plenty of questions left to be answered, making this series another one to follow for the summer.

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Tokyo ESP – “White Girl”

Tokyo ESP 1.3

Tokyo ESP fires on all cylinders from its first episode, leaving little to no room for doubt about what the series is going to be about. With its hard hitting set-up and interesting characters, Tokyo ESP could a be a hit this season if it doesn’t show all of its cards too early.

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Tokyo Ghoul – “Incubation”

TG 2.6

The second outing of Tokyo Ghoul continues to be a good watch, with plenty of action scenes and creepy moments to keep the viewers eager for more. We get a closer look at the different Ghoul’s in town, as well as those who want to hunt them down. It’s going to be interesting to see how Ken will mesh with all of these elements.

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