Green Goblin in Phase 4 Is A Horrible IDea

Listen folks, I love the Goblin as much as the next guy, but he’s by no means a Joker level villain. So let’s stop pretending he is.

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Alright…. Green Goblin in Phase 4.

He’s a pretty menacing villain with a badass powerset. He’s strong, he’s got a glider, and he throws pumpkin themed bombs at everyone. And if you like his Ultimate Comics version, then there’s an even cooler powerset…. In that universe, Green Goblin is basically a creepier looking hulk. That’s right, Norman Osborn transforms into a big green monster, instead of donning his classic mask and pajamas, and terrorizes New York City as a diet-version of hulk.


He’s not THAT cool. I know, I know… you guys might be shaking your fists in utter outrage at your computer monitor, but I stand by it.

I don’t know why, but folks like to draw comparisons between The Joker and Green Goblin. (BTW… check out our new spoilery article detailing the fate of Red Guardian in the Black Widow Movie)

Perhaps folks can’t help but group them together because The Joker is Batman’s archnemesis and Green Goblin is Spidey’s.

But just because they’re similar in that way, doesn’t mean Green Goblin in Phase 4 could occupy the same rarified air as The Joker.

That Batman villain is a cultural icon. Not only that, but whenever you think of Batman, you think of Joker. They’re opposite sides of the same coin, and that rodent themed vigilante couldn’t really exist without Joker as his central antagonist.

And let’s not forget about the impact of Joker on film. He’s known for the absolutely insane performances that actor’s are able to produce, most obviously Heath Ledger’s take. He’s a nihilist. A murderer. An agent of chaos.

Green Goblin in Phase 4 could be only one of those things, the murderer. Which isn’t actually that unique of an attribute for a villain.

Green Goblin’s motivation for criminal activity are pretty normal… he’s a rich dude who wanted more power, so he tried to take over the business world and the gangs of New York. Spider-Man stood in his way, so he tried to take on Spidey, and through the years, he’s developed a bit of a grudge.

Green Goblin in phase 4 would probably have more in common with Obadiah Stane from the first Iron Man movie, than he does with The Joker.

And I don’t see many fanboys or fangirls crying for Stane’s return to the silver screen…

So I don’t really get why everyone waits eagerly for the return of the Goblin. He’s a cool villain, for sure.

But Spider-Man doesn’t need him to exist.

Green Goblin hasn’t progressed Spidey’s character development since the Night Gwen Stacy died in the 70’s. Spidey grows as a character because of Peter Parker.

He’s cool, for sure, but he’s cool in the same way that Lex Luthor is cool. A rich dude with a crazy side.

But no matter where I turn, every single comment on every single site says the same thing…

“When is Green Goblin gonna show up?”


“Green Goblin is the Joker of Spidey comics. He needs to be in the movies.”

Guys. Stop.

Green Goblin is cool. But we’ve been there, done that. We’ve seen Green Goblin, or a Goblin themed villain, in 3 Spider-Man films.

That’s more times than Joker has appeared as a villain in a Batman film since Burton restarted the franchise.

Green Goblin isn’t cool enough to justify anymore stories on the silver screen. And I’ll say it again, just so I can put this to rest… Green Goblin is no Joker. Spidey doesn’t need Green Goblin to justify his character development, not in the same way that Batman needs that weirdo clown.

Whoooo…. Alright… I got that off my chest. Alright, let all the angry comments come as they may. And sorry to all the Bronze Age comic fans who still can’t get over Gwen Stacy and Goblin.