DC TV Can’t Be Stopped! SUPERGIRL Earns Series Commitment From CBS

What do you know? One of the “clever” comments at the end of my articles was actually acknowledged. When news broke that a Supergirl TV series was in the works, I suggested that DC and Warner Bros. shop the show to CBS since they already have shows on the CW, NBC and Fox, and there’s no chance in hell they’ll ever get on ABC. Also, since CBS is already partnered with Warner Bros on the CW, it’s about time they fully jump into the superhero game. They’re the only broadcast channel not airing any comic book adaptations right now. Well, their streak of no-superheroes has just come to an end.

After only one day of shopping the show to the networks, Deadline reports that CBS gave a series commitment to Supergirl late Thursday night. That means no judging it based just on the pilot, this thing is getting a complete first season. This is the same deal that Fox’s Gotham received, but according to the article, Supergirl‘s “eclipses” the deal Gotham got. They didn’t expand on what this, but I suspect it either means more episodes than Gotham (which has a 16-episode first season), or better chances of getting renewed for a second season.


This will be Supergirl’s third live-action adaptation after her 1984 movie and her recurring appearances on Smallville. Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler will write the script and executive produce. This will be Berlanti’s third superhero show following Arrow and The Flash, while Adler has previous experience with superpowers when she worked on No Ordinary Family with Berlanti. DC Chief Creative Entertainment Officer Geoff Johns is also expected to have a hand in development. Supergirl will follow the most popular iteration of the character, Kara Zor-El, as she just starts to lear about her abilities. Deadline provided this description:

Born on the planet Krypton, Kara Zor-El escaped amid its destruction years ago. Since arriving on Earth, she’s been hiding the powers she shares with her famous cousin. But now at age 24, she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

Supergirl joins the growing force of DC properties that are being brought to television. Arrow is entering its third season this October, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine are premiering in the fall, the adaptation of Vertigo’s iZombie will air as a midseason show and Titans is currently being shopped to TNT. Supergirl also joins the slowly going ranks of female-led comic books shows, after ABC’s Agent Carter and the Jessica Jones Netflix series. With women being an important demographic in the comic book community (nearly 50%, in fact), it’s about time we get some ladies taking the lead in comic boom adaptations. Hopefully movies will follow in suit.


Now, about the show itself. Since this show is on CBS, the chances of it connecting with any of the of the other DC shows (especially Arrow and The Flash) are slim, although don’t rule it out entirely. As for the series description, it sounds like this version of Kara has been keeping on the down-low since she landed on Earth, but at 24, she’s finally ready to use her powers for good. These are the same powers she shares with her cousin…the big blue Boy Scout…the Man of Steel himself: Superman! With Superman playing a irreplaceable role in the DC Cinematic Universe, and Geoff Johns’ decree that the movies and shows won’t connect, what role Superman would play in the series in unclear. Maybe they’ll just have another guy playing Superman. People (well, most people) are smart enough to tell the difference between the movie and TV versions, and it worked well enough between Superman Returns and Smallville. Or maybe he’ll just be used like Batman was used on Birds of Prey, repeatedly mention and only briefly seen in flashbacks.

Regardless, this is Supergirl’s show, and she’s finally getting the opportunity to shine in live-action again (because chances were next to zero she’d get another live-action film). I was originally concerned that this series would be a Supergirl show in name only, but it’s good to hear they’re staying true to her Kryptonian origins and identity. Well DC, you control nearly all of broadcast, you might as well set your sites on conquering cable! TNT, I expect an announcement on Titans soon.

SOURCE: Deadline