DC Is Looking At SUPERGIRL For Their Next TV Series

They may not be winning the movie game, but there’s no question that DC Comics is going strong in the television world, with Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Constantine all airing together this fall. Now, they might be turning to a character who sports a familiar ‘S’ for their next show…no, not him! He’s already had his own series, and he’s too busy hanging out with the likes of Batman and Wonder Woman in the movies. No, apparently DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have started shopping around a Supergirl TV series to different networks, although according to Entertainment Tonight, it won’t be aired on the CW, so get any ideas about Supergirl going the Arrow and Flash world out of your head.


There have been conflicting reports about the creative force behind this proposed series. Bleeding Cool (who originally reported this) said that Michael Green, a producer from shows like Heroes, Gotham and Smallville, would be writing and producing. Green has worked with Mike Johnson on the New 52 Supergirl, so this would certainly be plausible. However, Deadline is reporting that Green is not involved, and that Greg Berlanti, executive producer on Arrow and The Flash, will team up with No Ordinary Family producer Ali Adler, who will write the pilot script. Geoff Johns is also reported to have a role with the series, but considering he’s involved to some extent with every DC live-action show, this is hardly surprising.

This show wouldn’t be Supergirl’s first foray into live-action. She was famously played by Helen Slater in the 1984 Supergirl film. Although it’s one of the few superheroine films out there, it was a critical and commercial failure. Supergirl also appeared in Smallville played by Laura Vandervoort.


Deadline says that this series be “a new interpretation of the Supergirl character and her story,” and I’m wondering how much of a new interpretation. As we learned earlier this year, the DC movies and TV shows are separate from each other. As a result, Warner Bros. is keeping DC’s A-list characters secluded to the big screen, which obviously includes Superman. Since the Man of Steel can’t appear in the show, will he only be mentioned, or will Supergirl be written so that she’s the only Kryptonian on Earth? The first option sounds a little too similar to last decade’s Birds of Prey, but it could work if done properly. However, writing Kara in a show where Superman doesn’t exist at all? That doesn’t sound copacetic. I’m all for giving female comic book characters more opportunities to shine, but not if it results in them being written in a way that’s barely reminiscent of their comic book counterparts.

UPDATE: The Hollywood Reporter‘s sources are saying that this project won’t be called Supergirl. 

But hey, if they get the right people on the job, bring on Supergirl! After all, it’s not like they’re going to put her on film again. Let’s see, NBC, The CW and Fox all have DC shows, and ABC is obviously out of the question, so let’s see if CBS wants in on the superhero fun.

SOURCES: Bleeding Cool, Entertainment Tonight and Deadline