5 Actors That Need to Be In A DRAGONBALL Z Movie

Dragonball Evolution almost ruined my childhood. The movie was horrible and didn’t follow anything from the source material. I still don’t understand how… Dragonball Evolution was directed by James Wong, who also directed Final Destination and The One, and produced by Stephen Chow, who directed and starred in Kung Fu Hustle. With a movie as gory and unpredictable as Final Destination and a martial arts movies as funny, quirky and action packed as Kung Fu Hustle, how did this team of James Wong and Stephen Chow f*** up a Dragonball movie so bad, when all DBZ is, is action, gore and comedy? After seeing the climatic battles in Matrix Revolutions between Neo and Mr. Smith and Superman vs. Zod in Man of Steel, I hold out hope that a great Dragonball Z movie will be made by someone who really understands the franchise and knows what fans want to see, and when production starts, these are the actors I want to see cast in it!


5. Keanu Reeves/Goku


Everyone now, knows him as Neo, the one, but before The Matrix, he was Ted from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, a dumb, lovable stoner who goes back in time to help with a history presentation. Goku, the protagonist of the DBZ series, is also not the smartest guy. All he knows is how to kick ass and eat. Fuse the two characters, Neo & Ted, and you get Goku, the strongest man in the universe who doesn’t know 2+2. After starring in The Matrix, Reeves fell in love with martial arts and Kung fu movies. With this love, I know he can bring Goku to life the way fans picture him.


4. Jason Statham


Playing a hardass in almost every movie he stars in, Jason Stathom’s filmography and accent are enough to convince me he is the perfect actor to play Vegeta, the arrogant prince of all Saiyans. With his skills in martial arts, going toe to toe with Keanu Reeves in a fight scene that will make any Michael Bay movie look like Steel Magnolia’s is enough for me to give another live action outing of Dragonball a chance!


3. Martin Klebba


Martin Keebla has the right look and height to play Goku’s best friend Krillin, who is usually the comedic relief of Dragonball Z and also the martyr when Goku needs that push to kick ass! From roles in Scrubs, Pirates of the Caribbean and Project X, Klebba is the right man to play Krillin in a movie where he will be more then just an extra or cameo.


2. Goldberg


Look at Goldberg and then at Nappa. You’ll see that there is no question that Goldberg is the right guy for the role, and with a character like Nappa, it doesn’t take a whole lot of acting talent to play the brute. I’m not talking shit about Goldberg! The last thing I want to do is piss him off. All I’m saying is for the role of Nappa, Golberg wouldn’t have too try to win an Oscar. He would as memorable as Nappa was in the show by jus having fun f’ing things up!


1. Ken Watanabe


In every movie I’ve seen him in, Ken Watanabe plays a serious man or a mentor like figure. If we were doing Dragonball, I’d want him to play Grandpa Gohan. However, since I am dream casting Dragonball Z: The Saiyan Saga, I’d want him to play Piccolo Jr. and Kame. Piccolo has been preparing for revenge against Goku for killing his father as a child, 20 years prior to the Saiyan Saga. Once Piccolo realizes the coming Saiyans are a greater threat, he decides to let go of his anger towards Goku and team up with him and his friends to save Earth. Piccolo goes on to train Gohan, Goku’s son, while Goku seeks the God of the North, King Kai. Piccolo becomes Gohan’s mentor, and later one of Goku’s closest friends and allies. Kame, on the other hand, was always on Goku’s side. It would be interesting to see Watanabe play both young Piccolo Jr and old Kame since they are the same person.

With the right people behind Dragonball Z, longtime fans would finally get the movie they’ve been craving, especially with teases of epic fights in Matrix Revolutions and Man of Steel, where the super-powered protagonists battled the super-powered antagonist through skyscrapers causing major destruction. One day Dragonball Z will be done justice, until then we just have to keep biding our time. In the meantime here’s an honorable mention:

Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Gero!



  • Marcell Hines

    I am a firm believer in keeping the DBZ movies animated. There are things that animation can do that live action can’t, and Dragonball would benefit from it as a whole. Also with them still being animated, Toriyama can still work his magic on his own terms.

    • VirgilHawkins

      100% agree. Dragonball has a unique look for animation, that as Evolution proced, just would not work in live action unless heavily changed to the point where it is barely even relevant to the source material.

    • SSJstacey

      i agree, plus.. they can never get anyone to play goku.. gokus to sexy 😉

  • 1LM

    They’ve ruined the DBZ universe with a cr@ppy live-action movie with the opposite of what we till know about DBZ. Let’s not do the same mistake again.

    Keanu Reeves as Goku – Seriously?

  • med

    Vegeta should be a manlet,guy you say is an average 5 ft 10 ..how would that work?

  • syedsaadjameel

    Goku – Leonardo dicaprio/Bradley Cooper (i’d prefer seeing a less funny Goku, a more sincere one)
    Vegeta – Christian Bale/Mark Wahlberg ( Vegeta is intense and so be it)
    Piccolo – Denzel Washington/Idris Alba/Liam Neeson ( Piccolo shoul’nt neccessarily be green, he should just look diff)
    Frieza – Gary Oldman ( No better than Oldman can pull it off )
    Nappa – Bill Goldberg ( All brawns and No brains)
    King Kai – Morgan Freeman ( 10/10 )
    King Yemma – Arnold Schwarzenegger ( again 10/10 )
    This i feel should be the principal cast… what do u guys say…

    • Renan Oliveira

      You’re fucking kidding me right? Isn’t it enough that this article is ridiculously trash, trying to fuck up more of what they already did with DBZ, now you come up with Schwarzenegger , Morgan Freeman? Gary Oldman?? Denzel washington?? Dicaprio??? Are you on crack??? You fucking imbecile
      Piccolo Denzel Washington???? JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, remove this comment, you dumbtard, REMOVE IT NOW

  • Weiss Man

    Seriously?the only acceptable casting here is Goldberg