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Prequel series’, companion series’, and spin-off’s don’t usually fair well in the movie and TV world. Star Wars, one of the most beloved franchises in pop culture history had hit this snag, and even though they weren’t horrible films, the Prequel Trilogy is usually disregarded by most fans, especially the older ones. On the smaller […]

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HULK aka The Forgotten AVENGER

We all know Marvel has pulled off the impossible with their connected cinematic universe, even without their biggest guns. We all fell in love with Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. We learned Chris Hemsworth‘s name after Thor. Then there’s Guardians of the Galaxy, an obscure comic book team that includes a talking raccoon and walking […]

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The King of Monsters, Godzilla will be facing his greatest (american) challenge yet, delivering us a decent follow up. Gareth Edwards has confirmed a sequel to his hit version will be released sometime in 2017, with the King of Monsters facing off against two other popular Kaiju‘s, the three headed beast King Ghidorah, and the […]

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Star Wars isn’t the only LucasFilm project Disney are putting out. In January 2015, LucasFilm‘s Strange Magic, written by George Lucas, himself, will be released. What we know is the Strange Magic is a fairytale musical inspired by “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” and will include popular songs from the past 6 decades. Strange Magic tells […]

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What to Expect From Season 5 of THE WALKING DEAD

Walking Dead, season 5, is finally here, and speculation about who the Termites are has been the center of discussion since the end of season 4. Are they cannibals? Are they good guys? What mysteries are hiding in Terminus and what do they mean for our heroes? Well things look pretty grim for Rick and […]

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MARVEL Is Gonna Take Over HORROR MOVIES In A Huge Way

Marvel is totally kicking DC’s ass with there massive shared universe that spans Movies, television, and soon, web series (Netflix original shows). How else can Marvel remain on top? By introducing their dedicated audience to heroes that they really don’t have time to give their own movies. How can introduce new heroes? By following Disney’s […]

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