Y’all Can Stop Complaining About BATMAN V SUPERMAN Because it Looks AWESOME!!


At first, those who were super-duper hyped about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice were the DC fans, with Marvelites and film lovers generally skeptical because of Man of Steel. People were worried it’d be overstuffed, and that Zack Snyder couldn’t handle it. People questioned DC’s strategy of kicking everything off with one big bonanza and then spinning off into separate films. When the first trailer happened, people were like, “well, it looks okay I guess,” with a handful being won over.

Then Comic-Con happened, and everyone exploded.

“My ovaries!” was the phrase screamed by male and female fans all across the globe, cementing the superhero juggernaut as a must-see that could deliver. Of course, there have still been detractors, but on the whole I think fan goodwill has been pretty good. Now that this brand-spanking new trailer has hit, y’know what? I don’t see how anybody can’t be excited. If you’re not, fuck you. I’m right!

I’ll leave the analysis and shit until after the trailer, because I know that’s all you’re here for. You don’t actually care what I think. Oh, the joys of being a fanboy blogger.

The only thing I find issue with is that Clark doesn’t recognise Bruce Wayne, yet he immediately starts asking him about Batman in Gotham. I wouldn’t be too shocked if there was some tricksy editing going on there.


Anyway! How was that, right?! Clark and Bruce meeting! Action! Lex Luthor! Trinity! Doomsday! Jokes! It’s pretty much everything we’ve been clamouring for in a trailer for months, although, naturally, people have still been complaining.

It occured to me that Warner Bros. has focused each trailer on a different facet of the film in order to demonstrate what it’ll actually be like, rather than blow everything in one huge orgy-style sizzle reel. The first focused on the philosophical questions which will be posed in the movie, about whether we should trust Superman, the nature of heroism and all that jazz. It emphasised that while it’ll definitely have action there will be a lot of meaning behind it.

The second was all about the action – which is probably why so many fans are still calling it the best. It’s dazzling visuals and gleeful fan service completed by a rousing score was basically the perfect thing to win over huge swathes of the general public, as well as the fanbase itself. Action and philosophy have been two vital elements which people have been wanting since this thing was announced, and they’ve certainly been touted well by Zack Snyder and his merry men. However, there’s been one key ingredient missing: humor.

clark kent lex luthor bruce wayne batman v superman

The marketing so far has been epic and enjoyable, but noticeable humorless, as was Man of Steel before this and The Dark Knight Trilogy before that. There have even been strong reports of a “no jokes policy” over at DC, but that’s evidently not the case if we go by this trailer. It’s a much more subtle kind of humor on display than what Marvel produces; “I thought she was with you” is a key example, highlighting how badass Wonder Woman is. Pretty much the whole first minute happened to be my favourite, of course. We got a reference to the Joker, a first meeting between two characters who will go on to define one another in ways which they can’t even imagine yet (as well as make us all giddy), and some nice bits of comedy from Lex Luthor in regards to Clark’s “firm grip” and how he “loves” bringing people together – the joke being that they’re brought together in an effort to destroy him.

Get it, guys! It’s funny!!!

In all seriousness, it was a great little scene and if this is the kind of humor which Snyder and Chris Terrio have cooked up then it’s incredibly welcome. Marvel’s is very overt and traditional, and to be honest the only times where I think it’s worked are at the start of their two eras: Iron Man and The Avengers. If this is the direction Warner Bros. will go in, and they can keep it up, then they already have my soul.


….although perhaps this shot should have been left for the finished film.

doomsday batman v superman trailer

As well as this.

But hey-ho, it rocked anyway!