Matthew Modine talks The Dark Knight Rises

In an interview with, The Dark Knight Rises star Matthew Modine responds to why the film did not shoot at Occupy Wall Street, as well as a hint that we may be wrong on certain plot details.

On why they did not shoot at OWS:

“The wisdom of Christopher Nolan and his incredible team was that, while it seemed like a good idea to give [the protestors] an opportunity for work, to give them money, it would send a terrible message. At the end of the day, we’re making a movie. What’s happening down there is more important than that. To co-opt what’s happening there and around the country… we didn’t want to trivialize it. It was more important to respect what they’re doing than to do anything that could potentially trivialize the political situation downtown.”

In response to an attempt at squeezing out some plot details:

“I’m not allowed to talk about [the film], but there’s a lot of misinformation. I don’t know who created it, but it’s kind of fun to have everybody speculating about it.”

Still no real explanation for that photo of Modine with pink panties. A souvenir from Anne Hathaway perhaps? What do you think? Not just about the panties, but about his insinuation that we may not know what we think we know about the plot? As much as i enjoy the near-daily tidbits of information, I would love to be utterly surprised next summer when the film opens.