Fanboy Round-Up: MARVEL, DC and DOCTOR WHO All Get New Shows

Welcome back to Fanboy Round-Up, your weekly refresher of the big hits in news. This past week was dominated by the two superhero driving forces: Marvel and DC, with lots of major news hitting from both ends. Lemme put on a pot of coffee and we can get going with this thing.

THOR: RAGNAROK Has a Director

Thor Ragnarok

The third Thor movie has finally found its director, joining Blade as the only Marvel franchise to have a different person at the helm of each film. Once again, they’ve gone completely outside-the-box in their choice of Taika Waititi, whose last film was a Sundance hit about a family of vampires.

Well, at least Ragnarok will be interesting.

A WATCHMEN Series on HBO?! Sweet Jesus, Hold Me

If you’re looking for the epitome of superhero comics, look to Watchmen. If you’re looking for the epitome of television programming, look to HBO. Now, imagine the two together.

You just had an orgasm, didn’t you?

That’s exactly what could be happening, as news broke that Zack Snyder has met with the channel to discuss bringing Dr. Manhattan and co to the small scren, which HBO then confirmed. However, there’s no details on whether it’ll be another adaptation or some kind of sequel/prequel/whatever.

But yay – Watchmen!!!

George Miller Ain’t Doing MAN OF STEEL 2


There isn’t much more to say about that. Boo.

DOCTOR WHO is Getting Another Spin-Off – This Time About Angsty Teens

doctor who the witch's familiar

Even Doctor Who is trying to tap into the lucrative young adult market; last week the BBC revealed that a new spin-off, Class, will air on BBC Three next year. The show will focus on the students at Coal Hill School (where Clara teaches) and the alien monsters that threaten them.

Imagine Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with Daleks.

Click the link for more details!!

Another MARVEL TV Series is on the Cards

Marvel is continuing their domination of the entire world, with news of a Damage Control series on ABC hitting last week. For those of you who don’t know, they’re a construction company within the Marvel Universe whose job it is to clean up the mess that superheroes and villains make. It’s a pretty neat concept and is envisioned as a half-hour, single-camera comedy, so it could end up being a really fun, civillian-based look at the adventures of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor.

Stephen Amell’s Cousin Wants to be BATMAN BEYOND


There are plenty of comic book properties out there that would make really kick-ass movies or TV shows, but simply won’t ever get made due to canon or logistical reasons. However, actors and filmmakers nonetheless rave about ’em and their desire to make an adaptation. One such property is Batman Beyond, and it turns out that Robbie Amell (The Flash) would quite like to play Terry McGinnis.

“I think the problem is because they have Batman going on right now, they won’t make the Batman Beyond movie until I’m too old to be Terry McGinnis. By then I’ll probably be the old, crusty Batman. But I’m a huge fan of that idea.”

Ehhh, maybe.

Head on over to the link to read some more of Amell’s thoughts…

And thus another edition of Fanboy Round-Up comes to a close – and it’s also the shortest ever. Maybe I should drink coffee more often whilst writing these things.