Iron Man Kicks Some Asgardian Ass In New Avengers Clip

This just keeps getting better and better. With only two weeks left until the release of The Avengers, Marvel has unveiled it’s latest juicy clip from the film. Featuring Tony Stark in an iron fisted brawl with everyone’s favorite Odinson (I’m talking about Thor, you nitwits!), this forty seconds of footage has pushed my cravings over the edge… I need my Avengers fix now! I can’t wait any longer! Seriously, some one get me to an advanced screening pronto, but before you do, check out this official clip below.

So… how was it for you? Wait, that was a pretty weird way to ask that question (I apologize, The Avengers just fills me with all sorts of Freudian slips), allow me to rephrase. How f***ing awesome was that fight scene? (There, that’s better)