Kevin Fiege Talks Comparisons Between The Dark Knight Rises And The Avengers And End-Credits Teaser

Speaking to Comic Book Resources, Marvel Studios Head of Production Kevin Fiege opened up about comparisons between The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, Loki’s army, the mid-credits scene and more. Check out the best parts below:

“I haven’t seen ‘Dark Knight Rises.’ [Christopher] Nolan’s tone is very specific and is pretty awesome, and we’re very different. I think that while we have, particularly in ‘Avengers,’ very serious moments and [it] is as dark and serious as the moments in any of our films, there’s a sense of humor that goes along with it that Joss is an expert at and that we believe very strongly that Jon Favreau really helped define in the ‘Iron Man’ films, that allows, we believe, the audience to get in even deeper into the story.”

“There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in our movies, and we want people to believe in them and we want people to relate to them. When they’re laughing, when they’re cheering, you can suddenly hit them with something else — you open up through humor and that tone, that fine line between the epic, the bombastic, the moving and the humor is to me that favorite part of stringing all these movies together,” Feige said. “One of my favorite compliments coming out of many of our films is, ‘I didn’t think it would be so funny!'”

“Truthfully [the aliens] are Loki’s army and what is most important about them is that they are Loki’s army. The notion of Skrulls and Kree and the amount of speculation — the great thing about the fans just want to know everything they don’t know. They wanted to fill in the blank, and that blank wasn’t particularly important of who the aliens were; we revealed Loki a long time ago, he was the main bad guy.”

“There’s a reveal at the end — the notion that Loki has made an arrangement with somebody, that somebody has provided these extremely deadly and creepy and cool aliens to fight alongside him and then to reveal who that somebody was, that’s all Joss and that was sort of the big payoff.”

“The movies we’ve already announced are the ones we’re working on most heavily and are the ones that are frankly taking up most of our imagination right now; how to bring Tony Stark back in a way that is unexpected and surprises people, how to evolve the Thor franchise and the Captain America franchise in new and unexpected ways to elevate them beyond what they started as,” Feige said. “Doing something completely unexpected, outside the box, we’re going to do that on these other Cap movies and Thor movies and Iron Man movies.”

And finally, when asked about the prospects of Ant-Man, Runaways, Inhumans or Guardians Of The Galaxy films, he replied with this tantalising response:

“Two of those four are much closer than people realize, and we’ll be talking about them in the coming months!”

Head over to the link below to check out more of their interview with Fiege, which includes him discussing Joss Whedon, Agent Coulson and more!

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources