STAR WARS: THE OLD REPUBLIC Needs To Be Brought Back Into Canon!

Before Darth Sidious and Darth Vader ruled the galaxy, another Sith Lord reigned supreme! A brute of a Sith Lord, Darth Malgus was relentless, ruthless and showed no mercy as he rampaged through the era of the Old Republic, and instigated, with his master Vindican, the Great Galactic War. Malgus seems to be one of the most dangerous Sithlord’s created for the the Star Wars Universe.


Although his story was deemed noncanon by Disney, and placed under the “Legends” moniker along with the rest of the EU, the story of Malgus is too epic and interesting to let go, especially since it is the Sith of his era that turned against each other, forcing Darth Bane to restructure the Sith code and create the “Rule of Two,” which proved to be a more efficient way for the Sith to gain power, proven by Palpatine’s takeover of the Galaxy, thousands of years later.


With Star Wars Rebels taking over the small scree, and the new trilogy claiming the silver screen, Lucasfilm has their hands full. However, they need to understand the importance of certain Star Wars properties created for the EU, including The Old Republic. When Disney and LucasFilm announced the EU was no longer canon, I knew it was their way of clearing their plate so that they can sift through the EU stories and pull the most popular and intriguing ones, give them a fresh coat of paint and fit them into their new canon. With The Old Republic, Lucasfilm can make a TV series, however it won’t be shown on Disney Channel, Disney XD, or ABC Family, and have it be as satisfying as it should be.


Disney and Lucasfilm have, however, made a deal with Netflix, allowing the popular streaming company to produce new Lucasfilm content, starting in 2015. Netflix, which will be premiering The Defenders, a Marvel superhero team which includes a new gritty, dark version of Daredevil, will be able to show uncensored, extreme content without hurting Disney’s clean TV image because it won’t be on their main networks. TV episodes will allow for Lucasfilm to tell a very detailed and long Old Republic story, as well as expose everything they can about those important events in Star Wars history without being forced to stay under the 2 hour limit most films, especially Star Wars films, have. However once this new trilogy is over, The Old Republic would be not only awesome to see in theaters, but the perfect era to take over the franchise and move it in a “new” direction, with “new” characters that are relatively unknown, so new audiences wouldn’t know who is safe and who isn’t. That applies to older fans as well since Disney & Lucasfilm deemed the original Old Republic content non canon, allowing them to change the original story as they see fit.


Although I would love to see The Old Republic on the big screen, it wouldn’t happen for a really long time, and I want to see it now. So I’ll settle for an animated gritty series called The Old Republic that I can binge watch entire seasons in a day!