We Need A New George Lucas!

When was the the last time we had anything “original” hit the big screen? The Matrix was original, inspired by anime and martial arts movies. But after the first Matrix, the sequels went downhill. Riddick is another original movie, but it never interested me. Serenity was pretty cool, but it was a movie continuing the adventures of a TV series I haven’t seen yet (at the time it came out in theaters). I grew up on movies like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Back to the Future. My favorite movie of all time was The Empire Strikes Back. I figured nothing would take its place… until the trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy were released. After watching the first full trailer, Marvel had my curiosity, but once the extended trailer came out, they had my attention. I love everything I’ve heard about the movie so far, especially the scenes with Rocket & Groot, and I’m convinced this will be the best Marvel movie ever!


Downey Jr. will no longer have to worry about being the poster boy for Marvel, Rocket has just taken the torch… However out of the greatness of the Guardian’s trailer, what bothers me is the fact that Marvel is putting out this movie.


Don’t get me wrong, since they have starting releasing their own movies, starting with Ironman, they have all (mostly) been good What sucks is that this is not an original production, something that we really need, especially now that all Hollywood is doing is rebooting and rehashing everything they can get their hands on.


Star Wars is awesome and I will always be a Star Wars fan until the day I die, but if Guardians were an original feature, not one based off something, but a brand new original idea, it would be the greatest thing to happen to science fiction since Star Wars! I know done people are already claiming it is the “new” Star Wars, however, I believe it only earned that title if it was an original idea. Some may argue that Star Wars wasn’t an original idea either, but they are wrong. Lucas liked Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa going up, but instead of making Flash Gordon into a movie or adapting Seven Samurai, George Lucas combined not only those two things, but everything he was into growing up and mixed in his own personal experiences into Star Wars, creating one of the best sci-fi/fantasy epics ever!

Guardians of the Galaxy have been around for a long time, debuting in January, 1969. I didn’t find out about them until I played with Rocket Raccoon on Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I owned cards of Gamora, Starlord, Nova, Nebula, and Thanos since 1995, but didn’t know they all knew each other and I didn’t care enough to look into it more (I was only 8 yrs old!). Now I have been doing my research, ordered my collections from Amazon, and am catching up on all my Guardian trivia before the movie comes out on August 1st. I am more excited about this movie then I have been about any other movie in a long time. Star Wars Episode VII is coming out, but I’m figuring we may get the same Sith vs Jedi storyline that’s been the main story of the first 2 trilogies. Guardians is something “new” and I believe Guardians will be the coolest movie ever produced by Marvel. I just wish it was an original picture! Marvel and Disney chose wisely in picking James Gunn to direct Guardians! Even in choosing actors like Chris Pratt to be leading man Star-Lord and Vin Diesel to play a tree who can only say, “I Am Groot.”

Despite how awesome Guardians looks, we still need an original idea. Something not based on a book or comic, something from someone that has drawn inspiration from their favorite films, books, etc., and turned it into something completely original. We need a new George Lucas!