Guess Who’s Back? Back Again? Howard The Duck’s Back! Tell Your Friends!

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has gone on record stating that the post credits scene will be a treat for everyone. And now that the scene leaked, we were more surprised then delighted. It’s no secret now, Howard the Duck has been resurrected after being slaughtered and left to roast Lucasfilm back in the 80s, and is now voiced by Seth Green.


For me the movie wasn’t that bad, because I was a kid and didn’t know any better. Usually I’m less critical of movies compared to other fanboys (I loved Super Mario Bros. for God sakes,) but after what I’ve seen can be done with such a weird assortment of characters and made to seamlessly fit into the same universe as Captain America and Iron Man, I can’t wait to see where Marvel goes next, especially since I never expected to see Howard the Duck brought into the fold. If he would’ve ever been considered to have his own movie, I figured Disney would let Pixar have their fun with the character or their other animation studio, like they’re currently doing with Big Hero 6, but as a legitimate part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I never would’ve thought. Some may consider the post credits scene as a non-canon throw away scene because they can’t believe Marvel would double down on another talking animal after Rocket proved a success, but those with a keen eye, like my girlfriend, noticed Howard the Duck sitting in a Containment Pod as soon as the Guardians take the Collector’s Infinity Stone (He’s at the top of the screen, clear , for about 3 seconds as the Collector walks away from the Guardians).


What does this mean for Howard’s future? Two things: 1st is nothing. Maybe it was just an homage to a character that had been forgotten long ago, and the director thought it would be a fun throwback to one of Marvel’s worst movie, since so many doubted Guardians of the Galaxy to succeed as it had. Or 2nd, Marvel is testing the waters and seeing how popular the Quack Fu Master can get, trying to figure out if they can make a franchise out of him, which is already proving Howard is ready for a comeback. We will be seeing a lot more of Howard soon, however maybe not with his own movie first, but possibly in a Guardians sequel, as a new member or as someone the Guardians have to talk to while trying to move through the plot of their sophomore movie. Either way it’s awesome they brought Howard back to life.

Having Groot, Rocket, and now Howard means we could be seeing many more of Marvels stranger characters like Devil Dinosaur, Moon-Boy, and M.O.D.O.K. All we need to see now is a showdown between Howard the Duck and Donald Duck in a crossover similar to when Phineas and Ferb hung out with other Marvel heroes and even traveled to a galaxy far, far away. Hell, they could both face off on the Phineas & Ferb show! That’ll be great while we wait to see where Disney takes Howard on the big screen. I love that Disney is taking chances, and hopefully they pay off like Guardians did. It’s funny how a small cameo can be so epic and lead to so much speculation about the future of a character, hardly anyone gave a sh** to see return to the big screen. James Gunn is a bada** and I’m sure he’d be the perfect one to lead Howard for a second outing, since the first time wasn’t so good.


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