The King of Monsters, Godzilla will be facing his greatest (american) challenge yet, delivering us a decent follow up. Gareth Edwards has confirmed a sequel to his hit version will be released sometime in 2017, with the King of Monsters facing off against two other popular Kaiju‘s, the three headed beast King Ghidorah, and the nuclear pterosaur, Rodan, who usually has Godzilla’s back. He also revealed he’ll be using the same formula from his first movie, in holding off Godzilla until later on in the film, which kind of sucks, but could work if done correctly.

Being someone who has grown-up with Godzilla, I’ve been wishing to see a faithful interpretation of the monster done right with modern technology. With the 2014 release, I was happy to finally see a worthy Godzilla, even though the story was kind of convoluted. Who laid the MUTO eggs? If the monsters feed on nuclear radiation, then why lure them in with a nuclear bomb? Aside from those questions, the movie was pretty good. For a sequel, I would like to see it played out a bit different.

I want the movie to start off with Ken Watanabe‘s character, Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, researching other Kaijus, especially the MUTO who laid the eggs from the previous movie, and discovering the existence of King Ghidorah, the King of Monsters (origin change for the movie.) He learns that he’s not happy that Godzilla surfaced and interfered with the previous attack, and is now hunting him down.

King Ghidorah tracks down Godzilla and “kills” him, leaving him to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. Now he’s rampaging across the Earth, destroying anything in his way. Rodan, who has been hibernating in a volcano, awakens and tries to stop King Ghidorah. As the film plays out, Serizawa is working with a United Nation’s type military, who came together because of the recent Kaiju attacks. Serizawa reveals that Godzilla, Rodan, and two other monsters (maybe Mothra) served King Ghidorah as the keepers of balance on Earth, and when Godzilla killed the MUTOs, he went against Ghidorah‘s command. Rodan is now trying to stop him before he exterminates the human race, however, Ghidorah is too powerful and defeats Rodan. Earth’s forces are helpless.

Godzilla is alive! And now he and Rodan face off against King Ghidorah. Their enemy is extremely powerful and ruthless, but is still overwhelmed by their “deadly alliance.” The two Kaiju‘s are able to defeat Ghidorah once and for all. Godzilla is now the new King of Monsters. He and Rodan return to hibernation until they are needed again. Serizawa goes on to search for the mythical monster island, where he believes other Kaiju‘s live.


I understand that fans don’t like it when studios change the origins to their favorite story-lines, but sometimes it’s necessary. A good example of this would be Guardians of the Galaxy, which completely changed Star-Lord‘s origin, and will keep changing it, as director, James Gunn revealed that Peter Quill‘s father won’t be the same as the one in the comics.

For Godzilla, I want the origins of the MUTO‘s explained. I want the Kaijus to be sentient as they keep the natural balance on Earth. I want King Ghidorah to be the King of Monsters, until he is defeated by Godzilla, who inherits the title after their epic battle. I want Monster Island referenced so we know where we are headed in the third film. And as far as King Ghidorah, his body could be found, experimented on, and resurrected as a weapon against other Kaijus, maybe as MechaGhidorah! And the main character that needs to return is Ken Watanabe‘s Dr. Ishiro Serizawa, whose interest in Godzilla and other Kaijus will explain to us what is going on between these beasts. T

The first Godzilla was good, but the second one really needs to shine!