Forget Waiting For GOTG Sequel! We’ve Deduced Who Star Lord’s Father Is

I know many fanboys believe Star-Lord’s father will be Adam Warlock, especially after James Gunn revealed Quill’s father will not be the same as the comic book. While they may not be using Peter Quill’s original father, J’Son, they most likely will not stray to far from the source material (even though they did with Yondu) and after doing some research on the character of Star-Lord, I believe I figured out who his father actually will be and where the sequel could be headed.

Star Lord’s real father will be Master of the Sun, Ragnar, who in the Peter Quill’s original Guardians’ storyline grants Peter Quill the mantle of Star-Lord.


Here are the facts from both the movies and comics:

*On her death bed, Quill’s mother told him that his father was an angel, a being made of light.

*After defeating Ronan, Quill finally opens the gift his mother left him in her final moments, before that however, he read the letter that was taped to it, which revealed Quill’s mother nicknamed him her “little Star-Lord”


*As the movie ended, the Nova Corp looked into Quill’s DNA and discovered he was part of an ancient race that hasn’t been seen in a very long time.

*Also at the end of the movie, Yondu revealed he didn’t want to take Quill to meet with his father, which is what he was hired to do, because Quill’s father was a Jackass.

*In the comics, Quill is encountered by an ancient being named Master of the Sun, Ragnar, who gives him the mantle of Star-Lord.

*The Master of the Sun also gives Quill a sentient vessel named “Ship.”

*Star-Lord’s father, from the comics, J’Son, is trying to escape a war and crash lands on Earth where he is found by Meredith Quill.

*After nursing J’Son back to health, Meredith and J’Son fall in love and later conceived Peter. J’Son, not wanting the war to follow him to Earth, reluctantly decided to leave Meredith behind, promising to return once the war has ended.

Now to weave everything together, Ragnar, the Master of the Sun, is shot down by hostiles (possibly serving Thanos, who has begun his search for the Infinity Stones) and crash lands on Earth, where he is found by Meredith. She nurses Ragnar back to health and the two fall in love. After she conceives Peter, Ragnar reluctantly decides he must leave Earth so that Thanos cannot discover his location. Ragnar is in Possession of the Soul Stone. Ragnar bids farewell to Meredith and promises to return one day. In the time Meredith falls ill, Ragnar has given the soul stone to a trusted friend (possibly another son, or some kind of relative) Adam Warlock.

Always keeping an eye on Earth for Meredith, Ragnar decides it’s time to get his son, especially since Meredith was dying, and hires Yondu to do so. Yondu fails to deliver Quill to his father, and many years later, Ragnar hears about how “Star-Lord” used an Infinity Stone to kill Kree Purist Ronan. Ragnar is now able to track down Star-Lord, and explain to his son who he is, why Thanos is looking for the stones, and what “Star-Lord” really means. Also Adam Warlock is awakened and Ragnar gives Quill “Ship.” Adam Warlock will probably play a dual role. He starts off as good, but later becomes the bad guy, or rather in the beginning is a villain, but later it is revealed he is actually a good guy. Whatever the case, the war Ragnar tried to escape could actually provide some weight to the rumored title Guardians of the Galaxy: War of Kings.