Comics Are Destroying Our Children

As many fanboys are aware, Marvel held the first gay superhero wedding last month in Astonishing X-Men #51. In response to this, several religious institutions and conservatives have cried foul, but one group in general has finally done what we have all been waiting to happen: Called for Marvel/Disney to pull the artsy abomination from shelves nationwide.

The Florida Family Association, led by founder and sole member David Caton, has decided to speak on behalf of God-loving Christians across the country, and honestly I cannot thank him enough. Caton claims, and righteously so, that the issue, portraying the wedding of partners Northstar and Kyle, encourages children to have their own gay wedding. Of course that is something we can’t abide as decent people with values. Here’s what he had to say in a blanket email to several Marvel/Disney gay-enabling executives:


Please pull X-Men #51 which promotes and asks kids to fantasize about homosexual marriage.

Marvel’s X-Men #51 comic issue has crossed the line by attempting to legitimize same-sex marriage and asking kids to fantasize about their own homosexual wedding.

It is shameful that two companies like Marvel and Disney would deliberately create a superhero homosexual wedding for our children to embrace and mimic.

PLEASE have more respect for the overwhelming majority of families who do not want their children targeted with immoral propaganda through comics.

My family and I urge your company to pull X-Men #51 from distribution.

I look forward to your response.

Now, I’m not going to follow up on Caton’s specific cause, as he obviously has it all under control. He’s a one-man army, speaking for us all. Instead, I have looked beyond the sexual preference as mandated by God, and to other areas in which comics are currently destroying our children. It’s more prevalent than you think.

In 1984, a 12-year old boy, after reading his first Superman book, attempted to fly off his rooftop and broke 212 bones when he hit the ground. To encourage children to engage in their latent flight-fantasies is detrimental to society.*

In 1997, 2 teenagers were hospitalized after reading a Daredevil comic book and using radioactive waste to try to gain superhuman senses. They were blinded. No superpowers resulted.*

You probably remember back in 2001 when, compelled irrationally and against her Godly nature, young Jamie Talbot sinned by becoming a an avid Thor fan, thereby breaking the Second and Third Commandments.* Yes, you will go to hell for thinking Thor is cool.

Who can forget the horrific incident from 2007 when a young boy collected 17 species of spider, letting them bite him repeatedly in hopes of gaining Spider-powers. He had half of his body amputated after becoming septic and gaining only infection in several major organs. *


Comics have been subverting our children and stealing their souls for decades, and since Mr. Caton is doing such a bang-up job representing our Christian-Fundamentalist nation, I think we all need to take a cue from him and let some of his divine wind fill our sails. It’s time to speak out against the degradation of our families. With children being the dimwitted little sheep that they are, it is important to hold the free press accountable for what kids see and hear. Parents don’t have the time to explain to their kids what being gay is, or that you can’t get superpowers from toxic waste. That isn’t our responsibility. And forget that pseudo-science that claims being gay is genetic.

They say the same thing about the mutants in X-Men, and 3 years ago a little boy was rushed to the emergency room for trying to implant knives into his hands. *


*None of these things actually happened.


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