Green Lantern is DC’s Gay Superhero?

Marvel and DC are rushing to the presses with their latest round of trendy, controversial stories. This time around, the Big Two are focusing on gay rights, featuring that theme in two pinnacle moments for their respective universes. While the House of Ideas has decided to wed out of the closet mutie Northstar to his long time boyfriend, DC will ‘out’ one of their most popular characters… and apparently that character is the Green Lantern.

According to our good friends at BC, the original ringed warrior of the DC Universe, Alan Scott, will display his LGBT pride in an upcoming issue of Earth 2.

Now, as much as I want to commend Jim Lee and Geoff Johns for such a ballsy move… I think they’ve fouled this up. When news that DC had a gay hero in the works hit the web, the company emphasized that the character would be a longstanding, top tier do-gooder, and even though Alan Scott is certainly something of a cult icon, he’s not ‘top tier’ by any stretch of the imagination.

DC, why don’t you do something a bit ballsier, like outing Superman or Batman (come on, you’re doing a pretty terrible job of keeping him straight, as it is)?

What do you guys think? Am I being a bit too cynical? Or did DC let us down?