Ray Palmer Will Rock The Atom Costume On ARROW

This fall, Brandon Routh is trading in his cape and ‘S’ shield for a business suit when he plays Ray Palmer on Arrow. So far, Palmer’s role on the TV series has been revealed business competitor to Oliver Queen, specifically with his sight set on Queen Consolidated, as a well as a romantic interest for […]

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TRON: LEGACY Actor Will Take Aim At ARROW As Komodo

Malcolm Merlyn won’t be the only archer antagonist in Arrow season 3. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Tron: Legacy actor Matt Ward will face off against Oliver Queen as Simon Lacroix, a.k.a. Komodo, in the upcoming season. He is described as “a deadly mercenary using the code name Komodo, who wreaks havoc in Starling City.” In […]

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ARROW Reveals Its New And Improved ARSENAL

Arrow season 2 was a wild ride for all of its main characters, but Roy Harper was put through the ringer more than anyone. Forcefully injected with the Mirakuru, he gain super strength and invulnerability, but his anger issues were elevated to new heights. After a bout of Roy-d Rage (get it?) that resulted in the […]

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