Who Will Pop The Claws?: Wolverine’s Successor(s) Revealed!

With Wolverine’s death underway (despite delays), the question someone apparently asked was: “Whose gonna be the new Wolverine?”. Well to the 15 of you who asked, worry no more! For it has been revealed courtesy of Bleeding Cool that the mutant berserker will have not one but TWO successors to his blood stained legacy. (See what I did there? Legacy…because the comic after his death is called “Logan’s Legacy”? No? Ok moving on.)

The first one was revealed to us via a solicit for an issue of Marvel’s upcoming AXIS event:



You are seeing that right, Sabertooth AKA Victor Creed AKA Wolverine’s favorite stabbing post takes over the mantle from the fallen hero during AXIS. While this might be baffling to some (including myself) it makes sense since one of the implications of AXIS is that some heroes and villains will switch allegiances so this could be a product of that, or Creed could just be mocking him and his friends by taking his moniker. We’ll find out when the event starts. But this isn’t all according to Bleeding Cool.

A Marvel source gets in touch to tell me that Sabretooth is, indeed, becoming the new Wolverine in the Marvel Universe.

But not for long.

Because after around six months, he too will be replaced in the role. By the Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost-created clone of Wolverine, X-23, currently appearing in All-New X-Men.

You're new Wolverine

You’re new Wolverine

That’s right, Laura Kinney AKA X-23, is going to become the new Wolverine! Now while part of me is a bit iffy on her taking over Logan’s spot instead of forging her own path (although Bendis has been basically writing her as “female wolverine” already so it’s not that random of a change), I will take this as a vast improvement over what she’s been relegated to in ANX.

In case anyone didn’t know (or cared) , I am one of the biggest supporters against Laura’s treatment in All-New X-Men. My coworkers at UTF know this fact very well seeing as every two weeks they hear me shout “LAURA DOESN’T DO THAT!” about ten to twenty times when I read the latest issue of All-New X-Men in the office (My boss considers getting me professional help). Seriously, I love Brian Michael Bendis to death but the man simply does not know how to write X-23. (or most of the X-Men in general for that matter).

Just one of MANY blood-boilingly out of character moments for her

Just one of MANY blood pressure raising out of character moments for her

With all that aside this news means we potentially get to see Laura in another solo title which I’m always down for. Maybe she’ll even take Logan’s spot on the Avengers for a bit (She already went to the Academy so why not?). As long as she has a writer who understands her character I’m good with these changes. *crosses fingers for Kyle & Yost or Marjorie Liu to be named writer

This also means that Laura will be next in line to follow Marvel’s new “diversify our heroes” phase they seem to be going through. First the new Ms. Marvel is a muslim teenager (her series is great by the way you should read it), Thor becomes a female, Captain America becomes black (which I’m still not 100% on but that’s an article for another day), Loki turns BACK into a woman, and now it looks like Wolverine is getting a makeover. Honestly at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if Peter quit being Spider-Man in order to run his company and let Silk and/or Jessica Drew take over for him. (Which really isn’t that bad of an idea now that I think about it).

So what do you guys think? Is this a good move by Marvel? Are they just continuing to pander to the masses? Or are you just Wolverine’d out for a while?

Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Bleeding Cool