The All-New 30-Day Marvel Geek Out Comic Reading Challenge!

Tone your brain muscles!  Exercise your imagination!  Learn to be less of a schmuck by trying to emulate your favorite superheroes!  Try the All-New 30-Day Marvel Geek Out Comic Reading Challenge!

Everyone I know is doing crazy squat, ab or diet challenges.  The thing is- they don’t work.  K, actually, they probably work, but I still hate them and refuse to do that crap.  The only bad part of those challenges is you have to exercise and eat healthy.  So, if you hate moving and love fried foods, they are not for you.  But I have the perfect challenge for the comic dork that appreciates their body the way it is and loves reading-  the All-New 30-Day Marvel Geek Out Comic Reading Challenge!

If you haven’t realized by my repeating the title twice with exclamation points- this challenge is awesome! 

Here’s how it works: Look at the fancy picture I spent 20 minutes making.  Read the words on it.  Find the words that mention what day you are on.  Then read the number of comics listed next to the day.

It’s that easy!

Geek Out Challenge

Some of you may be wondering- why are only Marvel comics listed?  The answer is simple- ‘cause I hate reading DC comics more than I hate exercising.  Why no indies?  Because this is a Marvel challenge, silly, and I had no room.  And before anyone asks, yes, X-Men is  listed 3 times.  Why?  Because it is good for you.  So stop complaining and start the challenge now. 

This is by far our most popular challenge in the history of the universe.  You will see the greatest results by following the challenge without deviating from the directives.  We cannot warn you enough not to deviate from the directives.

Let us know how your progress goes by tweeting us at @FanboyUnleashed with the hashtag #30daycomic.