Mel Gibson WOLVERINE. Totally Almost Happened. We’ve Got A Picture!!!

I know Mel Gibson’s an occasional anti-semite and racist, but I love the dude’s movies.  Loan me a box set of Lethal Weapon and I’d watch it over, and over, and over, and over, and over.  And then I’ll ruin the discs because I let them sit in my overheated XBOX for too long, and then I’ll have to buy you an entirely new boxset, even though you bought it used.  I’m still pissed at you Biondo!

But that’s neither here nor there.

Apparently Mel Gibson was offered the role of Wolverine in 1997, a few years before Bryan Singer directed the first X-Men film in 1999. The Aussie actor eventually passed on the project, leaving the door open for Hugh Jackman to replace him, but before he gathered his coat and stepped onto the dusty trail, this very cool piece of Concept Art was designed.

Check it out…mel gibson wolverine

Now, I think Jackman is the obvious king of SNIKT. Nobody I’ve ever considered, even in the wide world of fancasting, could even approach Hugh’s deft performance. Still, Gibson would make a pretty badass Wolverine. Perhaps, dare I say, truer to the comic iterations of the character?

With our post-1997 knowledge, we’re well aware that a Gibson Wolverine could’ve spelled disaster for the franchise. His vitriol for the Chosen People, as well as his vintage 1860’s style racism, would’ve completely destroyed box office hauls as every blog this side of the Civil Rights Movement would’ve lampooned him.

But on a separate note, for someone who hates Jews, Gibson looks pretty semitic…

mel gibson jewish

Source: twitter