Every Piece of ICEMAN Concept Art for DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Is Cooler Than the Movie Suit

I loved X-Men: Days of Future Past. If I was forced to say, I think DOFP is my favorite superhero movie of all time. A triumphant return for director Bryan Singer as he both unleashed his usually timid mutant heroes in all of their powerful fury AND reminded us why superhero movies should have more than superficial jokes (Avengers, I’m looking at you).

But, after checking out some of this officially released Iceman concept art, I’m a teeny weeny bit heartbroken that none of these combat suits were utilized in the final flick. Sure, his black on black on black digs in the released movie were more than sufficiently conveyed the “dystopian shit hole” the characters lived in… but it wasn’t as super sweet and edgy as these:

iceman days of future past suit4

iceman days of future past suit 3

iceman days of future past suit 2

iceman days of future past suit

Super sick bro, right? If there’s any X-Men character who deserves to flaunt his 90’s garish costume, it’s gotta be Iceman. Full of icicles, hagged ice spikes, and an ominous cloud of snow wisps floating around his body.


iceman 90s