The Weird ASSASSIN’S CREED IV Texture Glitches

assassin's creed 4 present-day 3Ah Assassin’s Creed, what a beautiful game series.. when the textures don’t completely fuck up. So I held off on getting this game and I got it for Christmas, or the holidays or whatever you kids call it these days, and there’s some weird texture glitches.  Usually I’m just killing some pirates or looking for some booty, and then wham. Rainbows.



Halfway through my mission I look up to see the wet dream of the CEO of skittles. And there’s other weird glitches to do with the ships and the ocean (I’ve sank and fell through the bottom of my ship around three times now). But nothing beats going all Davy Jones on it, and getting your ship randomly sunk underwater but to continue sailing.

straight from pirates of the carribean 2

straight from pirates of the caribbean 2

This was actually a cool glitch.. sort of? But I dunno, I thought doing it was really weird and I did have to reboot the game, but I’m glad I did for some reason. And it may seem like I’m just here to shit all over this game, but I’m not. I think this game was fantastic and the only good one in the series since ACII, glitches and everything. If you’ve encountered any of these weird glitches please tell me about them in the comments, I’d be interested to hear them!


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