Trailers Released for MAN OF STEEL and PACIFIC RIM Mobile Games!

Back in the day, most film-based video games went to consoles. The new trend, however, is for film-based games to launch for cell phones and Androids. And that trend isn’t ending anytime soon, with two upcoming films, Man of Steel and Pacific Rim, getting in on the mobile action!

Today, Warner Bros. and Phosphor Games released a trailer for their Man of Steel mobile game adaption, along with plot and gameplay details.


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The game’s plot follows the film’s plot, with the player starting at the Kent farm, and moving on to battle Zod and his minions. There is also a high score mode.

The game is due to be released for the iOS and Android on June 14, and will cost $2.99 for the iPhone, and $4.99 for the iPad and Androids.

Meanwhile, also today, Reliance Games (Real Steel, Total Recall) showed off the trailer for their Pacific Rim game-adaption.


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In the game, players pilot the Jaeger robots to combat the evil Kaiju. Players can battle the monsters 1-on-1 using “lethal combos”. You can also unlock extra weapons and other cool gizmos.

The game will be released late this Summer for the iOS and Androids.

Man of Steel will be released in cinemas on June 14, and Pacific Rim on July 12.

So: think you’ll purchase these?

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