Telltale’s FABLES Game Is Called ‘The Wolf Among Us’ – Get Excited!

Fables is a brilliant comic series by Bill Willingham. If you haven’t heard of before, you should definitely check out. It follows the story of everyone’s favorite fairy tale characters, after they’ve been ousted from their world by the big, bad Adversary, and are hiding in New York city. It has some pretty fresh takes on well worn characters and with great writing, the premise really shines.

Which is why it’s really exciting that Telltale Games, creator of last years stellar The Walking Dead game, are behind the wheel of this video game adaptation. They’ve already shown they can adapt comics in the past whilst retaining the characteristics that made people fans of those series in the first place. The game will be released as ‘The Wolf Among Us’  and is due to hit PC, PS3  and Xbox 360 this summer.

Thanks to IGN for the image!

CEO of Telltale games, Dan Connors, had this to say:

“Developing The Wolf Among Us based on the Fables universe has allowed our studio to build upon all of the hallmarks of what makes our episodic series so engaging for players.”

“Through an evolution of our approach to choice and consequence, we can further explore the complexity of each and every iconic character in a universe rich with untold history from the darkest sides of the storybooks.”

They certainly seem confident, and after the unmissable experience of last years episode The Walking Dead, this is one to keep your eyes on. Such high praise from critics and fans alike will set high expectations for this game but the strength of the universe, the characters and the quality of the team making it will hopefully be able to deliver another quality experience. Keep your eyes peeled for more news as it breaks.

Source: IGN