SUPER SMASH BROS Gets Three MORE Characters!

The week is already off to a big start, gaming wise. Pokémon news, Tekken 7 confirmation, and now the addition of three more characters in the upcoming Super Smash Bros!

The first is F-Zero‘s Captain Falcon, which comes as no surprise, as he has been a mainstay AND fan-favorite throughout the Smash series, his “Falcon Punch” attack being iconic to gamers.


The two all new characters both hail from Fire Emblem: Robin and Lucina, both the former being a sorcerer, and the latter being a swordswoman. Pretty cool and unexpected news indeed, although it seems this is the final nail in Roy’s coffin.

Meanwhile, Fire Emblem‘s Chrom will also be in the game, but Nintendo stressed that he would not be playable.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U now has 36 characters, not counting the Miis, and will be released for the former console in October, and the latter this Winter.

Are you glad to see Captain Falcon back? Are you happy with the two newcomers? Sound off below!

P.S. You can watch the trailer at the link!


Source: IGN