Star Wars Saga


Just in time for the holiday season, it seems that yet another Star Wars free-to-play game has been announced!

The Old Republic wasn’t enough, now it seems that we’ve got Attack Squadrons, where you and all your friends can recreate all your favorite space battles with tons of ships and weapons that you’ll have to pay for individually and will get almost nothing with the game.

Our friends at can tell you, according to LucasArts—I mean Disney Interactive, what makes this game a must have for every geek:

“Customize iconic Star Wars™ ships and engage in high-velocity 16 player dogfights in fabled Star Wars locations. There are three player-versus-player game modes, and new ships, items and upgrades every month.”

Sounds like more freemium crap to me. But who knows, Attack Squadrons could be truly great for all we know. The beta is now available for signing up for.

Author’s Note: was paraphrasing statements from Disney Interactive. Although the link to their page is provided below, just wanted to clarify that for the sake of professional courtesy. 

May the shameless cash grab be with you.

May the shameless cash grab be with you.