Alright. We’ll admit it…we’re obsessed with Skyrim. It seems like every day we’re posting yet another article about this newest Elder Scrolls game, but can you blame us? The game is simply too massive for our own good. Every time my Orc Mage trots around another intriguing corner, I end up finding new and exciting content to share.

Well, our newest find comes from youtube user ColloseusXReturns. While messing around with the game’s mechanics on his shiny AlienWare PC, he’s discovered a way to pit Skyrim‘s most terrifying creatures against each other in a series of bloody battle royales.

Try not to nerdgasm too loud when you check out these amazing fights below:

For more vids, make sure you swing by ColloseusXReturns‘s channel and check out more of our awesome Skyrim content here.