Next XBOX Always Online? – Deal With It Says Microsoft

Since the Playstation 4 announcement event, gamers of all preferences have been wondering when Microsoft is going to make it’s move and announce the next Xbox. Details and rumors have been leaking out, and some fans have been concerned over the talk of an always online, always connected device. Sure, connectivity is going to play a big part of both of the next gen consoles but as we’ve seen from Sim City, always online has it’s drawbacks.

Microsoft creative director Adam Orth has taken to Twitter to speak out about these criticisms. The tweets have been taken down since but NeoGAF user shinobi602 captured them first:

Of course, this is just Orth’s personal opinion on his personal twitter and doesn’t necessarily reflect Microsoft’s stance on the matter but it is certainly a strong indicator. Microsoft haven’t commented on this development but Sony’s CEO Kaz Hirai has this to say:

 (That is a joke account by the way…)

Source: IGN