New ASSASSIN’S CREED Game Leaked??

One of this fall’s big Assassin’s Creed games, (yes, that means there’ll be more than one) called or code-named Unity, is set at least partly in 18th-century Paris, according to early leaked screenshots obtained by Kotaku. These screenshots were apparently sent anonymously to Kotaku, it’s credible, and there’s images to back it up, so let’s see.  The screenshots are supposed to be of Paris, as you can see Notre Dame, the Seine River, and other Parisian landmarks.

Ah yes, I mentioned two games, well apparently Unity will be for the current-gen consoles—Xbox One and PS4—while a second game, possibly called or code-named Comet, will be released on Xbox 360 and PS3. Presumably one or both versions will also be on PC. Sorry, Nintendo fans: we haven’t yet heard anything about Wii U, as always. This information comes from Kotaku’s conversations with developer sources. I’m not really surprised, I mean, these games have been an annual thing that people have come to expect around the end of the year.

Anyway, enough words, I know you want pictures! Like pre-school children reading a book.







Apparently there’s a new parkour mechanic for the new games, here’s to hoping that it won’t be as messed up as ACIII.