Looks Like MIRROR’S EDGE 2 Is Finally Heading Our Way

After a couple of dubious listings on Amazon Germany and Amazon Italy that stated the game was coming in 2020 for €99 ($130), things were uncertain surrounding the sequel to DICE’s futuristic free-running game. The information was clearly false and wouldn’t be the first time retailers just made some stuff up to post a game for pre-order. However, with the game has popped up on EA’s own site, things are beginning to a look a little more certain.

The screen grab below comes from this site here, while the title doesn’t appear on the site proper the fact it has pages like this suggest EA know it is coming.

The Amazon listing showed it releasing for the Xbox 360, although the box design clearly stated on the top that it was an Xbox One game. With E3 just around the corner it looks like we could be seeing DICE announce a next generation Mirror’s Edge game to take advantage of the new hardware.

Rumors surrounding this game have been surfacing for years. EA’s Label president Frank Gibbeau stated the game could happen on the Frostbite 2 engine a couple of years back, while DICE’s executive producer mentioned that the franchise was “too good to kill”. Who knows if anyone will actually buy it this time around, after the years of bitching about wanting a sequel.

We’ll know more in a couple of weeks at EA’s E3 press conference on the 10th June, we’ll bring you any updates until then.

SOURCE: EuroGamer