Live-Action HALO TV Series Announced (With Added Steven Spielberg)

Another juicy piece of news has been revealed as part of the Xbox One launch – and I think you’re going to like this one: there will be a live-action Halo TV series – and it’ll be helmed by Steven Spielberg.

Yes, the geek legend and director of Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan and much more will be spearheading the brand new live-action Halo series – presumably in a producing role. It’s the stuff of geek dreams – and it’ll be available exclusively on Xbox One, the first of a bunch of programmes to be made exclusively for Xbox.

The TV series, currently titled with the astonishingly imaginative Halo: The Television Series, is also developed by current series developer 343 Industries. Also, I guess this means that the Halo movie is dead… but heck, at least we have some live-action Steven Spielberg Halo to look forward to!