UPDATE: Both Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV confrimed for Xbox One

At yesterday’s E3, Sony stole the show, without a doubt. Their PlayStation 4 announcements made Microsoft look bad. Even after Sony announced the cool low price, and the other neat PS4 features, they had some more bomb-shells to drop involving Square Enix RPGs.

The biggest news was arguably the announcement of Kingdom Hearts III. The forums at IGN and GameSpot went crazy! Kingdom Hearts III, which is seven years in the making, might just be Enix’s most awaited sequel of all time, and is a guaranteed seller!

The best part? AN ACTUAL TEASER TRAILER WITH ACTUAL GAMEPLAY! This is what I’m talking about!


[springboard type=”video” id=”739253″ player=”ulfb001″ width=”480″ height=”400″ ]


The game has no release date, but I’m hoping sometime in the next three years.

Anyway, meanwhile, Sony also announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be getting a port for the PS4. The game is already available for the PC, and soon the game will also be available for the PS3. XIV doesn’t have the best reputation, but Enix is promising that the console ports will be better.

Finally, we got confirmation that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will finally be released for the PS4, although the game’s title has been switched to the simpler Final Fantasy XV. View the trailer now! The graphics are sick!


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Final Fantasy Versus XIII, as the game used to be known, was announced way back in 2006, and since then, we’ve only gotten sporadic updates. With this PS4 announcement, fans feel a bit more safe, although there isn’t a release date, so prepare for a long wait.

Anyway, Sony is awesome and Square Enix is awesome. But I guess you gamers already knew that, huh?

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