Square Enix has been managing their flagship franchise like crap for a very long time. A clear example is Final Fantasy XIII, the game was hated on by critics and fans everywhere, and earned two direct sequels. That is almost decade of development for something that nobody really wanted! In the background fans have been clamoring for Final Fantasy VII which the company simply will not remake, however every single other game in the series has been re-released. Enter Final Fantasy Versus XIII,

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The game has looked awesome since it has been originally shown years ago at E3, but then it vanished out of thin air! Several years later it makes a truly astonishing come-back and becomes Final Fantasy XV and Square has just announced direct sequels for the game. It is like someone else is managing the strange company, because these are some truly great decisions. Holding the game for next generation consoles was another small stroke of genius.

I don’t know who this new Square Enix is, but I hope that they are here to stay!

Source: IGN