FINAL FANTASY VII Live Action Web Series Looks To Get Kickstarted

With the recent re-release of one of the most popular RPG’s of all time on Steam, Final Fantasy VII is once more back in the minds of gamers. Just in time for this new wave of interest, a Kickstarter has popped up called Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series. Looking for funds of at least $400,000, the project will see a 250-person team attempt to recreate the significant events of this iconic game.

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Last year, this project by a small Italian team popped up but since then it’s come a long way. They have partnered with a Pittsburgh based studio called Shinra Productions LLC (Don’t trust ’em!) and Team2X, a team of incredible martial arts stunt performers who have done the action for projects like Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. Here’s their sizzle reel below, mostly because I just love watching it.

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The project will be season based with around 5-6 episodes in it’s first season. Each would be about 15 minutes in length giving you around 90 minutes of Final Fantasy goodness. You can read all about the project on their Kickstarter here and see if it’s worth your cash. Having recently cast Tifa and Barret, we’re still waiting to see who will perform other major roles such as Cloud, Aerith and of course, the Midgar Zolom.

Source: Kickstarter