Become BATMAN With The Magic of 3D Printing

I think if there is at least one dream unifying millions of people, it has to be dreaming of being Batman. Come on. Who WOULDN’T want to dress up in all-black, glide around the city, have a cool ass plane, drive a tank and beat up the people you hate?!

Numerous fans over the years have tried to work out the cost of designing and operating a fully-functional Batman suit, usually ranging in the 7-8 figures area. For that reason none of us actually thought anybody would try. It looks like we were wrong.

batman cosplay

Holy. Shit.

This was designed by Julian Checkley of Order 66 Creatues and Effects, who have made a ton of different awesome costumes and props from the world of pop culture before. The suit is based off of the outfit from the Arkham games, and to be perfectly honest when I first saw the stills I thought it was just screenshots from the video games – the work is that realistic.

Unfortunately, Checkley spoke to the Huffington Post and revealed that it is in fact not exactly battle-ready.

Sadly, the armor is only made from various grades of flexible urethane rubber and foam that wouldn’t even stop a spoon from stabbing you. If you were to cast a version in titanium and laminate it with Kevlar, I’d say you have a pretty effective suit of practical armor… but I have no plans to do that and certainly no intentions of going out to fight crime. I’ll leave that to the pros!”

You just know that out there, right now, somebody is trying exactly what he just said.

Head over to the studio’s previously-linked Facebook page to take a gander at all of their other awesome work. It’s always fantastic to see fans engaging with pop culture in such a way and going as far as to create work which matches that produced by the creators themselves.

So… anyone fancy buying UTF a 3D printer?