BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Reveals Firefly As New Assassin

Batman: Arkham Origins has revealed a fair few of the assassins who’ll be attempting (and, spoiler alert, probably failing) to kill Batman in the prequel, but WB Games have released a new trailer today unveiling the new assassin… Firefly (and no, the ill-fated Joss Whedon show will not be killing Batman in the game. I’d never thought I’d type those words).

Firefly, or Garfield (incidentally not a cat) Lynns, a slightly nutty supervillain who loves fire a lot, will be facing off against the younger Batman in the prequel, alongside already confirmed villains Black Mask, the Joker, Bane, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Anarky, Copperhead, the Penguin and the Mad Hatter. That’s quite the rogues gallery. You can see the reveal trailer for Firefly here:

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Batman: Arkham Origins will be released on October 25th on Xbox 360 and PS3.