ASSASSIN’S CREED Creator Sues Ubisoft

Assassin’s Creed creator Patrice Désilets is pursuing legal action following his firing from Ubisoft in May. He claims his firing was “without cause” and is seeking payment for damages, unpaid salary and expenses as well as healthy severance, and the rights to his now cancelled game, 1666.

Court documents retrieved by Game Informer detail Désilets’ account of the complicated events leading up to his firing, which his legal representatives claim was “abusive.”

Now the developer is demanding the following from his former employer:

  1. Total ownership of 1666.
  2. Salary, vacation, and expense payments through May 7, the day of his firing.
  3. Severance in the form of one year of Désilets’ salary.
  4. $25,000 for relocation and job searching.
  5. $5,000 in legal fees.
  6. $100,000 for “moral damages caused to [Désilets] reputation.
  7. A box of Kleenex to help move on with his life.

We sorta made the last one up.