Are We Getting SUPERMAN or SUICIDE SQUAD Video Games?!

A few days ago, a screenshot leaked of what appears to be a menu for selecting character skins, that character being the Big Blue Boy Scout himself, Superman.

superman video game leak

Looks legit, right?

The game is supposedly being developed by Warner Bros. Games Montreal, who made Batman: Arkham Origins a few years ago. Like that, this would be open-world too, based on an announcement by the studio last week. The company said that they are developing “an open world action game” and “a new IP project for next generation game platforms.” Most interestingly, their website describes it as “a passionate dev team developing DC Comics-focused AAA games that evolve and celebrate the legendary brands of Warner Bros.”

chris pratt parks and rec excited face

The leak comes from the Tumblr page Daily Superheroes, and then a gif found its way online from the Arkham Knight forums, which you can see below.

So, that means it’s definitely not photoshopped and gives it some more legitimacy.


OnlySP is saying that their sources have told them the game WB Games Montreal are working on isn’t a Superman game but rather a Suicide Squad video game. Apparently this has been rumoured for a while now, and it would be cool to coincide with the upcoming movie. I have no idea if these guys are reliable or not so you’ll have to take it with a grain of salt for now.

I’m gonna say that the company is working on both. The gif looks real and while we’ve been wrong about these things before, it’s harder to make a fake game leak than a fake image or video. It could be that the Suicide Squad game is taking precedence due to the close release but at the moment all we can do is guess. Perhaps we’ll find out more at Comic-Con starting this Thursday (who else is hyped?!).