The ANGRY BIRDS Are Getting Their Own Shojo MANGA!

At this point, Angry Birds needs no introduction. The franchise, which began as a 2009 app that ended up selling over 12 million copies, has become the world’s most popular download game, and the highest selling freemium game. The franchise has comics from IDW, a Hollywood film in the works, and has cross-overed with Star Wars and Transformers!

Apparently, the next step was getting a manga. Angry Birds can check that off it’s to-do list now, as a manga adaption began this month in Japan, in the Shojo (for girls) magazine Nakayoshi, the same magazine where famous Shojo manga Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Shugo Chara! ran.

Angry Birds Manga

The manga, titled Stella: Nana and the Magic English Words, is written by Hiyoko Hatano. The manga stars a young girl names Nana, who moves to a foreign country. Problem is, she can’t speak English. Luckily, she meets Stella, the pink bird from the Angry Birds games, who helps Nana collect the magical English word cards. The manga is educational for Japanese children.

Meanwhile, pink-bird Stella is getting her own update for the Angry Birds game later this month, so the manga is seemingly coinciding with this. The manga is also being over-seen by a Japanese teacher who teaches English.

Angry Birds is the latest in a trend of American franchises receiving the manga treatment, joining Assassin’s Creed, My Little Pony, and Big Hero 6. Will you be reading?

Angry Birds Seasons

Source: ANN