Will Carrie Kelley appear in Dawn of Justice?

If you were worried that Batman Vs Superman Dawn of Justice doesn’t have a large enough cast, fear not.  New rumors are circulating that Jena Malone (Sucker Punch, Hunger Games, Saved) is set to play Robin as created by Frank Miller.  Until recently Carrie Kelley only appeared in Dark Knight Returns but was recently brought back by Peter Tomasi for his Batman & Robin run.

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This information comes from Variety, and some potentially heavy fines that an extra from the set may be facing due to a non disclosure agreement.  What is clear though is Malone has been on set and has a short breezy due and her hair is red.  What does this all mean?  I couldn’t tell you but I hope it doesn’t mean script changes are coming during filming as Warner Bros tries to jam as many characters into the film as possible.  That was the story from X-Men Origins Wolverine, and its clear how well that worked out.  Honestly I do like the idea of a Carrie Kelley Robin in a Batman film.  Especially if this is an older version of Batman, who could be in mourning for other fallen Robins.  That being said it really seems that they just should have adapted Dark Knight Returns.