Where is Jaime Lannister Headed in GAME OF THRONES Season 6?

The Dorne storyline in Game of Thrones Season 5 was arguably one of the show’s lowest points. Cringe-worthy dialogue, cartoonish characters and bad plotting led to a huge sigh of disappointment from both book readers and show-only fans, as the potential was great. Jamie Lannister and Bronn teaming up in Dorne, one of the most interesting places in Westeros? It had all the makings of a great little story but almost everything went wrong (check out UTF’s review of that entire arc here). Without getting into any specifics, this was supposed to be a very big season for Jaime character-wise, but it was basically all thrown out the window. Fortunately, there’s a chance it could stil happen.

Watchers on the Wall (who are pretty much the best Thrones fansite around) are back with a mass of spoilers and rumours for the next season of the show, but we’ll just be focusing on one interesting tidbit from it. Through its vast array of sources, the site revealed that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was spotted at Belfast International Airport yesterday and chatted to a lucky fan, telling her that he was off to film some top-secret-stuff. Then earlier today an Icelandic local tweeted out this (which has since been deleted – thank the Seven for screenshots!):

jamie lannister game of thrones season 6 tweet

There is only one reason for Jaime Lannister being in Iceland, and that’s for Game of Thrones.

Last we saw of him he was clutching Myrcella’s dead body on a ship bound for King’s Landing from Dorne, and neither the ship set nor the capital are or will be filmed in the country. It’s where they filmed scenes that take place North of the Wall as well as in the Vale and the Riverlands; there’s no way in hell he’s going to wildling-country, and while it’s possible he could end up in the Vale, my money is on the Riverlands.

We know that the war-ravaged country will have a big presence in Season 6; Walder Frey will be making a comeback and casting calls have previously gone out for roles which sound like other members of House Frey, as well as the Brotherhood Without Banners (maybe). This would also match up with the books, since Jaime goes there rather than Dorne in A Feast for Crows. Regarding the culmination of the War of Five Kings, book and show canons are a little different and it’s unlikely there would still be a siege on Riverrun (said reason for why he makes the trip) years after the Red Wedding so there’s most definitely another reason for him being there. To be honest, I don’t really have a lot of answers or speculation right now – I gave up trying to guess what the show would do months ago. All we know for sure is that Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is in Iceland and wasn’t allowed to talk about it.

jaime bronn game of thrones

Head back to WotW for some more spoilery Season 6 info, including deets on the Iron Islands and new Northern characters. Game of Thrones returns next spring (probably).