Where Does Daenerys End Up in GAME OF THRONES Season 6?

At the end of Game of Thrones‘ fifth season, Daenerys Targaryen was left in an interesting predicament, surrounded by Dothraki in the middle of nowhere with a hungry dragon. That’s exactly where the books left off too, so all types of fans have been speculating for a long time (years for some) about what exactly happens to the Mother of Dragons after her encounter. Filming for the Dothraki scenes has been going on for some time now, yet no real spoilers have leaked – until now. And they didn’t even come from filming!

An audition tape has surfaced for the part of ‘young widow,’ a role which leaked a few weeks ago.

Game of Thrones is looking for a non-white (preferably mixed or middle eastern) actress aged 18-22 to play the role. The widow is gentle and very bright, and has a great presence and appeal. She has a difficult personal history but it hasn’t made her cynical. She has a good-sized role in two episodes. The actress will be filming the weeks commencing October 12th and November 2nd.

This audition could confirm where exactly Daenerys ends up: Vaes Dothrak. Or not. It’s not entirely sure who is talking to who, so best watch it for yourself…

The audio quality kinda sucks and there’s a lot of Thrones-y words thrown in there, so thank the Seven somebody on Reddit transcribed the whole thing.

Older Dosh Khaleen: This one is Lhazareen. A khal found her hiding in a well after he burned her village.

Dany/Old DK: How old were you?

Auditionee: Twelve.

Old DK: A year later she bore her khal a daughter.

Dany?: You must have been so happy.

Old DK: How did he show his happiness?

Auditionee: He broke my ribs.

Old DK: We are not queens here, but do not despair. The khals depend on us for our wisdom. Our lives have meaning, and we have each other. That is more than one just had. When the khals meet for the khalar vizven(?) I hope they let you live and take your place with us. The other possibilities are not so pleasant.

Dany: And the khalar vizven is tomorrow night? I need to make water.

Old DK: You can’t run from dothraki, you know this.

Dany: I would never run from dothraki.

Old DK: Go, show her.

Daario?: I needed fresh air. The old women stink.

Auditionee: They do stink.

Daario?: You must have been very young when your khal died.

Auditionee: Sixteen.

Daario?: Too bad he didn’t die sooner.

Auditionee: Yes, too bad. Is it true your master has three dragons… and they breathe fire?

Daario?: They do. Would you like to see them one day?

Auditionee: I am dosh khaleen. I can never leave Vaes Dothrak, until I rise as smoke from the pyre on the day I die. (Is grabbed from behind.)

Dany: No, don’t hurt her.

Daario?: She will give us away.

Dany: She won’t, let her go. And you, have faith in me. Khaleesi, do not betray me.

Like I said, it’s complete guesswork as to who is speaking, however I think this could be pretty close to the mark.

daenerys targaryen dothraki game of thrones

From the first part of the audition (before Daario comes in), it seems as if Daenerys herself has ended up with the dosh khaleen. If you can’t remember – Season 1 was a long time ago – then they are a group of crones, made up of ex-Khaleesi’s (does it need an apostrophe? Bloody Dothraki-speak) for after their Khal’s die. Because Dany was Khaleesi to Khal Drogo she should really be with them in Vaes Dothrak, the city of the Horselords, and I imagine there is at least one rider amongst the men who will recognise the queen. We actually saw it back in the first season, when Dany had to eat a horse’s heart. Yum.

The second part is trickier. From the last few lines of dialogue it seems as if Daenerys and Daario have hatched a plan to escape Vaes Dothrak (and probably show off the dragons as well), with Dany perhaps wanting to bring the young widow along because kindness or whatever. However, the casting call states that the character only appears in two episodes, so it’s possible that she may not make it out of this coup alive. It’s not guaranteed that the part in the video and the part from the description are the same person, but everything seems to fit the bill.

When Pilou Asbaek was cast as Euron Greyjoy, he revealed that his auditon script wasn’t an actual scene from the show, but rather written specifically for the auditions to avoid spoilers getting out. So none of the dialogue here will actually end up in the show, although I doubt the parts about the dosh khaleen and Vaes Dothrak are bull.

There you have it: the first hard round of details regarding where Daenerys Targaryen ends up in Game of Thrones Season 6. How will this scenario play out? Will the Dothraki submit to her due to Drogon, or will she have to flee back to Meereen? Sound off!