THE WALKING DEAD “Consumed” Review

Will Daryl and Carol find the group that have taken Beth? Read on to find out?

The official description from AMC:

Cautiously, members of our group must venture into a familiar location on a heroic rescue mission. It’s a huge stage, but so are the stakes.

I have to admit that I’ve been rather disappointed in The Walking Dead as of late. Despite getting off to an amazing start, giving one of the strongest opening arcs in the series to date, the show has yet again hit a brick wall. The reason for this is clearly the disjointed narrative, with the choice to explore a separate avenue to the overarc within each passing episode creating a stagnant flow of events.


Though Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) is loved by many fanboys (a little too much by some), this fanboy included, even he can’t carry an episode with only one main character. That however proves somewhat irrelevant, as though Daryl is a key fixture of this episode, it seems to focus more on Carol’s (Melissa McBride) journey between episodes. In between this we get a narrative that is clearly focused on how these characters have changed, with there being a mixture of understanding and scepticism between the two. The later half of “Consumed” does however prove extremely enticing, with the addition of Noah (Tyler James Williams) allowing for a suspenseful shift in atmosphere. This also clears up certain speculations about previous teasers, and though that in itself causes some of the developments to be a little predictable, it certain starts to show an overall connection in the wider narrative.


Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride both give amazing performances in this episode, with the toll that the zombie apocalypse has put on their characters being reflected in their performances. Despite this I did feel that there was something missing, as though both actors work well against each other, their characters are a little too similar to each other, resulting in a rather predictable tone. On an individual basis however both actors shine like never before, with their characters strengths and weaknesses being on display like never before. Tyler James Williams also gives yet another wonderful performance, with his character showing a drastic change in the short time that has passed since the events of “Slabtown.” It is however the way the young actor plays off the established cast that really proves his worth, with there never being a moment where he’s looked inferior.

“Consumed” may reiterate the problems that the split narrative has caused, but it certainly gives some wonderful developments for the characters within. It also bridges the gap between previous episodes, allowing for a much clearer look into the season’s future. Recommended.

  • + Daryl and Carol show their mileage.
  • + Noah makes a dramatic reappearance.
  • - The first half of the episode lacks atmosphere.
  • - The split narrative continues to cause problems.