Vote For Your Favorite FLASH Villain In FLASH TV TALK’s “Rogues Rumble”

Batman and Spider-Man may be the first heroes thought of when it comes to iconic rogues galleries, but there’s no denying it: The Flash has one of the best collections of villains in all of comic book history. Hell, his main group of bad guys call themselves The Rogues. Quite villainous if you ask me.

If you’re a Flash fan and have a favorite villain of his, you’re in luck. The folks from the Flash TV Talk podcast (who we interviewed in March) are putting together a Flash villains contest to see which Rogue would destroy all the others. You can get in on the action by filling out your own bracket. Enter now and you could win a special prize. Check out the details below.


Who is #TheFlash‘s greatest villain? Time to find out in the @FlashTVTalk #RoguesRumble

How To Play:
Fill out your bracket and send to by midnight CST April 26th 2014
Once all voting is closed, if your bracket is completely correct, you will be entered to win a digital copy of Flashpoint from Comixology

How To Vote:
Follow @FlashTVTalk on twitter
3 Rounds of voting will take place each weekday via RT or Fav (Example:
Daily voting will close at approximately 9PM CST

Rogues Rumble Bracket:

Voting Schedule:

#1 – Mon 4/28
#2 – Tues 4/29
#3 – Wed 4/30
#4 – Thur 5/1
#5 – Fri 5/2
#6 – Mon 5/3
#7 – Tues 5/6
#8 – Wed 5/7
#9 – Thur 5/8
#10 – Fri 5/9
#11 – Mon 5/12
#12 – Tues 5/13
#13 – Wed 5/14 (FINAL FOUR)
#14 – Thur 5/15 (FINAL FOUR)
#15 – Mon5/19 (CHAMPIONSHIP)

Winner will be announced on the May 24th episode of Flash TV Talk


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