Vampirella #10 Review

The second arc continues to gain momentum, but is it good? Read on to find out.

The official description from Dynamite:

When the murder plague erupts in a major American city, Vampirella, Tristan, and Madame Evily work to contain the epidemic before it can spread to the rest of the country. But as Vampirella closes in on the third and final member of the Accursed conspiracy responsible for creating and spreading the deadly disease, the unexpected return of an important figure from her past leads to a shocking personal revelation.

Vampirella 10-Variant CoverI have to say after ten issues this latest volume continues to engage. The creative team has taken their own road while embracing elements that long time fans are bound to recognize. Case and point: in this latest outing our protagonists take on the father of murder while detailing the history for our scantily clad huntress.

Vampirella, Tristan and Evily have arrived in the United States just in time for another bout of the media named, Black Rabies. Once there our heroes face the crazy masses while attempting to administer a cure and look for something more. The immediate results of their search lead to a few interesting tidbits that feel familiar and fresh. In short: this was a good entry championed by series scribe Nancy A. Collins, who managed to pen something that offered up a quality ride from beginning to end.

Partick Berkenkotter handles the visual side of this comic, and the talent continues to deliver work that’s second to none. The pencil strokes locked into these panels gave up functional renditions that exist to augment and support the labors of the written word. So much so that in the end this world of monsters comes off as vibrant and detailed as the illustrator succeeds with several layers of epicness. And when the colors by Dinei Ribeiro enter the fray there’s no denying the worth of this book.

Vampirella #10 presented a quick resolution to the latest outbreak but the set-up and character progression more then makes up for that haste. And for that reason this issue comes recommended.

  • + Engaging plot.
  • + Breathtaking details.
  • + Vampirella's saga exposed.
  • - The outbreak ends really quickly...

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