V-Wars #9 Review

After the last arc of the V-Wars, a new focus is brought to the reader but at very large scale. Will we ever be in harmony with the vampires? Read on to find out more.

The official description from IDW:

New story arc begins here! It’s international intrigue as we dive into the V-Wars on a global scale! The surviving members of V-8 are tasked to hunt down and obtain plans for a stolen vampire gene screener. In a world where anyone can turn at any time, being able to test for the v-gene could have devastating effects if put in the wrong hands… or any hands?

VWars-09-pr-3-a9e9dWe get a new look at this series because it goes very large in this issue for their new arc of V-Wars. The V-8 members do not seem to get a break from their duties as they are tasked with a brand new mission. It is a good place to start for someone that doesn’t know much about the series. With this new mission, V-8 is trying to get back and investigate a stolen machine that could really change the world, but the mystery is still there. The issue is quick and sleek with not too much exposition. It is really great.

Jonathan Maberry is a fantastic writer. The way that he weaves characters and situations is so flawless that you feel that you’re watching a movie, it is really fantastic. My only complaint is that there is still some questions from previous issues that we haven’t gotten and I think we need them. However, it is still fantastic.

Alan Robinson does a great job as the artist for this issue. The placement of characters allows the eyes to really get in there and enjoy the comic as a whole. Also, the use of light and dark are really fun and adds an emotional dynamic.

V-Wars #9 is a great new part of the story.

  • + Fantastic new story arc
  • + Awesome visuals
  • + New stakes makes for good comics
  • - More answers for previous issue

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