V-Wars #10 Review

Taurus and LaShonda are trying to get along on the mission but will LaShonda be able to get over her hatred of vampires? Read on to find more.

The official description from IDW:

Major new character revealed! As the search for a v-gene screener heats up, LaShonda and Taurus are on the hunt for a powerful new player on the scene, Strega! But, when an opportunity arises for LaShonda to let Taurus die, will she allow her prejudice of vampires over-ride the needs of the mission?

1400855_xlV-Wars got super interesting this week with the reveal of a new character who will have some big moments to come and has a very interesting power. We get a taste of this in the beginning and the end but other than that, it is a mystery. While this is going on we have two characters of Taurus and Lashonda where  the dynamic of these two is a really interesting one because she essentially hates him and it puts a strain on the mission that they are on. In fact, there is a moment where she makes the decision to save him even. We see there relationship grow and change till the end. Along with all this, we get a third story line with the Doc who gets a huge opportunity, which really makes you think about how it will play out later.

Jonathan Maberry does a good job with this issue, but it has a lot going on. I wish that he would have focused on two story lines instead of three because it is a little overwhelming. Although, the parts that worked, worked really well and it was pretty fun to read.

Delivering on the gore,  Alan Robinson, had some great moments in this issue. Everything with Strega is really neat to look at and the killing scenes are pretty fun.

V-Wars #10 is a good addition but may have too much going on.

  • + Plenty of gore
  • + Great relationship moments
  • + Awesome visuals
  • - Too many story lines

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